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New SUPERCADE 50 Games in 1 Arcade Video Game Machine Chicago Gaming

New SUPERCADE 50 Games in 1 Arcade Video Game Machine Chicago Gaming

New SUPERCADE 50 Games in 1 Arcade Video Game Machine Chicago Gaming   New SUPERCADE 50 Games in 1 Arcade Video Game Machine Chicago Gaming
SuperCade by Chicago Gaming video arcade game machine features 50 of the greatest classic games in one commercial quality arcade cabinet. This is our least expensive multi-game machine that contains a collection of the most popular classic game titles from the past and is an unprecedented value for the office or home game room enthusiast. Supercade features a full sized arcade game cabinet, commercial quality arcade joysticks, button controls and 19 VGA monitor. Supercade allows you to play two players against one another at the same time on the twin joysticks and button controls. Many of the games allow this side by side two player action making for extra competition and fun.

And all available games are displayed on a very easy to use scrolling game menu that displays a screen shot of the game as well as complete instructions for first time game players. Simply use the joystick to scroll thru games, select and play. Game manual is included that explains the operation of the game, test functions and maintenance. Surprise your family and entertain friends with this great 50 game video arcade machine. Game Dimensions: 24"W x 30"D x 63H; 240 lbs.

Easy to use game menu displays games by name. Quickly navigate all 50 game titles. Highlighting title provides game preview. After selecting a game, user is provided brief tutorial explaining game controls and how to play. SuperCade utilizes real arcade controls. One trackball, two joysticks and nine buttons. Coin-door has been permanently deactivated, SuperCade arcade game is for home use only. Specifications subject to change without notice. Have a mega arcade in your home game room and own 50 of the best classic games in one cabinet. Supercade features 50 legendary arcade games, including. Alpine Ski(1982, Taito) Anteater(1982, Stern) Arkanoid®(1986, Taito) Arkanoid 2®(1988, Taito) Armored Car(1981, Stern) Asteriods®(1979, Atari) Asteriods Deluxe®(1980, Atari) Atari Basketball®(1979, Atari) Battlezone®(1980, Atari) Berzerk(1980, Stern) Black Widow(1982, Atari) Calipso(1982, Stern). Centipede®(1980, Atari) Chack n Pop (1983, Taito) Cloak & Dagger ®(1983, Atari) Crystal Castles(1983, Atari) Elevator Action®(1983, Taito) Food Fight(1983, Atari) Frenzy(1982, Stern) Gravitar®(1982, Atari) Jungle Hunt(1982, Taito) Kram®(1982, Taito) Liberator(1982, Atari) Lost Tomb(1983, Stern). Lunar Lander®(1979, Atari) Lunar Rescue(1979, Taito) Millipede®(1982, Atari) Minefield(1983, Stern) Missle Command®(1980, Atari) Moon Patrol(1982, Irem) Moon War(1981, Stern) Pirate Pete(1982, Taito) Plump Pop(1987, Taito) Pong(1972, Atari) Qix®(1981, Taito) Red Baron(1980, Atari) Rescue(1982, Stern). Skydiver(1978, Atari) Space Duel(1982, Atari) Space Invaders®(1978, Taito) Speed Coin(1984, Stern) Super Breakout®(1978, Atari) Super Qix®(1987, Taito) Tazz Mania(1982, Stern) Tempest(1980, Atari) Tournament Arkanoid(1987, Taito) Video Pinball®(1978, Atari) Warlords®(1980, Atari) Water Ski(1983, Taito) Zoo Keeper(1982, Taito). We are happy to provide you with. Additional information on this item upon request. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so please plan ahead. We apologize for the inconvenience. And you are responsible for receiving the product from the truck.

If you are ordering a large item, please note that you may need a couple of people to help unload it and carry it inside. Services to help move merchandise from the truck into your home or office. At the time you are called by the shipper to setup an. In this event, it is your responsibility.

Please read and follow these steps carefully. While damages are rare, they do occasionally ha ppen. Insured Only if you follow the guidelines below. If the box has any damage, or if there is any reason for you to be. At all concerned about damage, please write "PACKAGE DAMAGED" clearly on the sheet that they ask you to sign.

Will send you a new one. Only sign for a package. If you are sure that the contents are in good condition with no damage.

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Our customer service team is more than willing to answer. Any and all product questions.

Of course, unforeseen problems with your orders will be handled free of charge. In the case of a return, you. We are a 45 year old business that has been in the amusement game machine industry. We have a store and warehouse in Madisonville, LA where we service what we sell and work on just about any kind of arcade and home game equipment including jukeboxes, pinball machines, video arcade games and more. The item "New SUPERCADE 50 Games in 1 Arcade Video Game Machine Chicago Gaming" is in sale since Thursday, November 07, 2013. This item is in the category "Collectibles\Arcade, Jukeboxes & Pinball\Arcade Gaming\Video Arcade Machines". The seller is "moneymachines" and is located in Cicero, Illinois. This item can be shipped to United States.
New SUPERCADE 50 Games in 1 Arcade Video Game Machine Chicago Gaming   New SUPERCADE 50 Games in 1 Arcade Video Game Machine Chicago Gaming